The Vendors’ and Crafters’ Village is an integral part of our annual festival. As guests walk from table to table, they encounter a wide variety of specialty items. From Polish imports to homemade jewelry, visitors are sure to find many treasures. The festival invites entrepreneurs from far and wide to consider purchasing vendor space on the first or second weekend…..or both!

How to Become a Vendor

If you are interested in becoming a vendor at our festival, please complete the 2024 Vendor Application and e-mail it to: Please note: We cannot accept food or beverage vendors. Similarly, all of our spaces are for 10’x10′ tents

In the application form next to “Space(s) Requested“, you’ll enter the space that you are interested in. The map of available spaces is below. Colored spaces are available; grey spaces have already been booked.

This map is updated frequently but does NOT reflect real-time availability. Vendor spots will be confirmed at time of invoicing.

Once your application has been reviewed and approved, the Vendor Manager will contact you to confirm your space is reserved. If it isn’t available anymore, we’ll work with you to pick another space that is available.

Next, we’ll generate an invoice and send instructions on how to pay for your space booking. Please don’t try to pay before getting an invoice.

Once you pay for your space, you just have to wait until the festival! We will send emails with additional information as the festival gets closer. We allow setup and check-in on the Friday evening before each weekend.

Below is a diagram of the process end-to-end:

Thank you for considering our festival as a venue for showcasing your products!

Returning Vendors

Each year, we give vendors the option to reserve the same space for the next year. At check-in, you will receive a deposit form. To reserve for the next year, return this form to the vendor manager with a $25 deposit for the next year.

To prevent booking mistakes, we only allow you to reserve the same spot for the next year. But tell the vendor manager if you want to move spaces and they will follow up with you once the festival is over & before application window for new vendors opens.

But, this offer is only available at the festival! After the festival is over, each space is up for grabs.

If you do decide to put a deposit down for the next year, our process is faster. In March/April when we open the application window, we’ll send a packet with everything you need to sign and pay (instead of going back and forth for each step):

  • An informational page with your contact info, your reservation, the year’s pricing, and the deadlines
  • The festival vendor rules & regulations: note that these may change slightly from year to year
  • The hold harmless agreement: please sign, scan & return this by email or mail in to the shrine office
  • An invoice for your space reservation which you can pay as normal through the Shrine office

Of these, there are 2 actions needed from you. First, sign and return the hold harmless agreement. Second, pay the invoice for your space reservation.

As mentioned in your packet, the deadline for this is June 30th. After this deadline, we will open up the space to others to reserve and pay.

If you have any questions, let us know at